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Welcome to the Fraxy Compendium Redux!

About The Compendium Redux

This is a Wiki dedicated to all things Fraxy. Here you can find vast amounts of information on Fraxy as well as showcase all of your creations for everyone to see. There are many things to be found on the Wiki that will be very useful to developers. Ideas, suggestions, and information is welcome and will help to further the understanding of the wonderful game of Fraxy. So take some time, look around, and enjoy! If you want to learn more about this place, check here: About the Fraxy Compendium Redux

Important Wiki Notices
  • Wiki update to 1.17.0. Report problems as usual, if necessary. --NightKev (sysop) 21:30, 18 September 2011 (PDT)
  • User account creation is now set to require sysop confirmation due to an influx of spambots. Make sure to indicate that you're actually a human who wants to contribute to the wiki in some way on the request page, otherwise your request will be rejected. Sorry for the inconvenience. --NightKev (sysop) 20:05, 21 April 2011 (PDT)
Fraxy Related Things
  • If you want to know what is in the world of Fraxy, visit the What is Fraxy? page.
  • To get the latest version of Fraxy from the source, Click Here or here (Google translated) or here (Yahoo translated) (or if you just want the download, click here).
    • The current version is 20120623beta.
    • A note, don't worry that the version strings have "beta" in them, it's wholly irrelevant for the moment, because there is no "stable" release (some have called 20090204[d] that, but really, it's about as stable as any other Fraxy release to date). So, go by the date in the version strings (they're in the format YYYYMMDDD). Example: 20091020 (Oct 20, 2009) is newer than 20090204 (Feb 4, 2009) therefore the version you would want to get is 20091020beta in this instance. Hopefully this will clear up any further confusion.
  • There is now an uploader at the main Fraxy site for those creations that have major problems that no one can seem to fix. Please do not abuse this by spamming it and use it when absolutely necessary.
    • (copy and paste to the URL bar as direct links are forbidden.)
  • For a history of Fraxy (a changelog), click here. Any contributions to the changelog are much appreciated! Please!
Wiki Features
  • Check out the User Index to see all of the creations posted by others.
  • Need some info on Fraxy? Go to the Reference Index to find out specific stuff on Fraxy mechanics.
  • Need some help in doing something spectacular in Fraxy? Try the Tutorial Index for some pages on events and such.
  • Have a good idea for Fraxy? Post it at the Fraxy Wishlist!
  • Do you have a suggestion for the Wiki? Post here or on the Compendium Wishlist!
  • Visit the Help Page for more info on better editing the pages.
  • To look at the general rules and creation policy of the Wiki, visit the Policy Page.
Community Things
  • The following page is a list of all of the members of the community: Fraxy Community
  • If you want to see other things that are related to the community, including custom Fraxy stuff and a history of the community, visit the Community Pages area!
  • This Wiki is supported by Board2 (SSL Version). There is a special section dedicated to Fraxy and the forum itself is good too. Join and post!
  • An official IRC dedicated to Fraxy can be found here: #fraxy. Come and talk about any of your creations, or just anything related to Fraxy.
    • If you are new to IRC, check out this tutorial: IRC Tutorial
    • Additionally, Board2's irc channel is #acmlm.
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